Gym users have steady weight loss since the New Year.

Time to have a look back at New Year resolutions by those in the gym…….we have three regulars who are losing one pound a week on average which is perfect for long term health benefits and another who hasn’t lost any weight at all! He has, however, come in two notches on his belt. My experience is that once you start increasing your activity levels gently you will change body shape but not lose weight in the first three months as you turn your body fat to muscle.. This┬áhas great benefits long term as muscle at rest burns many more calories than body fat so you will increase your metabolism. Keep going and you can gradually improve your activity levels further and once fit most grow a liking for healthier less calorie dense food!
People put on weight over a number of years,losing weight healthily requires patience.
I am pleased to say we haven’t anybody who started the gym in January and has stopped…

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